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In 1994, the Eurovision held in Ireland featured "River Dance" in the show.  A few years later, the Irish dance culture in Finland was born.  This is the story how it all began.

Keep it reel documentary film
The Film

The film

A documentary film about the history of Irish dance culture in Finland recounted by two Finnish dancers, Ilkka and Essi, who have played a significant role in its development. 

"When I saw that beautiful line of people dancing,

I fell in love with it."

Essi Lahtinen-Carranza is a Finnish dancer and choreographer who has won several Irish dance competitions and among the faithful promoters of Irish dance in Finland.  


Irish dance is a growing culture in Finland.  

"When I first saw it, I heard rhythm. 

It's all about the rhythm for me."

Ilkka Kuosmanen is a Finnish pioneer of Irish dance, who has won several important awards in Ireland, and so far, the only Finnish dancer who was invited

and took part of a River dance show. 

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